Monday, May 22, 2017

Three things I know...

I spent a lovely evening with this talented young lady.  Here are the things I know about this sweet girl:
1.  She's soft spoken.  I have a feeling she's one to really consider her words and is a bit wiser than her 18 years would presume.  I don't think I could even imagine this girly raising her voice.  I think she has a lot of self control.
2.  She sure is driven.  Just from what I know about all she's accomplished I know she's got a good head on her shoulders.  Big things to come, I'm sure.
3.  She's comfortable with who she is.  This kind of comes out in a shoot.  When I meet with a young girl I spend a lot of time with them, right up close, in their personal space.  We get to know each other pretty quickly.  This lovely lady looks you right in the eyes.  I love that when people meet your gaze.  Many don't do it well, but this girl does : )
I can't wait to see where you'll go.  All the best on the adventure ahead!!
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A girl like no other....

This is a blog post I post with such emotion.  I've known this girly, my niece, for all of her life.  I literally saw her on day one in all of her 5ish pounds of glory.  Small but mighty is always a phrase that comes to mind.  And now, she's not so small anymore.  So clearly do I remember the day I fell in love with her.  It was at my parent's house on a couch in our den and we were all clamoring to hold the little bundle.  As a toddler she became my leading photo subject for many projects back in the days of chemicals and photo paper.  Crazy smart, I've watched this girl reach for educational heights like no other and now this.....She's graduating!   I don't think it's possible that this kind of time has passed so quickly.  And while this sweet girl is a beauty on the outside, her beauty on the inside and her caring for others is what I see.
Sweetheart, I love you to the moon and back.  And as I write this through tears, please know that wherever you go, you are and will always be in my prayers.  God has a special plan for you and I cannot wait to see what is in store for you.  Love always, Auntie Lisa

To see more check out her slideshow.... so cute and set to her songs!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Way to bee (this graduate will get the joke)

I spent a recent afternoon with a future 2017 graduate.  Have I mentioned before that I love visiting with kids and the young adults they are becoming?  This young gentleman was especially nice.  Here are a few things you should know about this graduate:

  • He is super respectful.  Great qualities that speak right to his upbringing.  
  • He can hold a conversation and make eye contact....this boy will go far!
  • He knows when to put down his phone and talk to you.... definitely a skill that many teens could learn.
  • He is a good son.  Not all males love photography.  Actually that is quite rare.  I won't say that this graduate loved it more any any other man but he sure did his duty - all because he loves his mom, who wanted amazing images of her boy.
In the end, we had a great and successful shoot (minus a brief experience with a bee).  I had a great time hanging out with him and getting to know him better.  He's gonna soar!
To see more from our session, please check out his slideshow:

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