Monday, October 23, 2017

The blessing of friends

The Saturday afternoon I spent with this sweet family was beginning to finally feel like fall.  This meant cooler temps, less humidity and the ability to have a photo session not end in a sticky mess.  I love these days and I loved hanging out with this lovely family of five.  I've not told this mom this, but she's always been on my radar as someone I'd like to get to know better.  So what a joy it was to get to meet up with her crew and get some pics of her very photogenic family.  This mama is that friendly face you see when you are going about your day to day at school and around town.  Running into her always brightens up my day.  I'm blessed to call her, and the rest of her family, friends.

To see more of our session together, check out this family's slideshow:


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Terrific Twelve

Oh, where do I start with this sweet family?  First let me say, that it's a rare day when I can go to a place with water where one little munchkin doesn't find a way to spill into the pond.  And yet, these kiddos were truly as sweet as pie, such great listeners and completely dry by the end of the shoot, I might add.  Sure, it made my day super easy.  And then it doesn't hurt that they are all super cute.  This family has been blessed with great kiddos and good looking genes.  Here's a few of my favorites below.  To see the slideshow of more of our time together check out this link: Terrific Twelve Slideshow

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