Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sneak Peek for Twelve...

I spent a very lovely afternoon with the sweetest family.  Seriously... this bunch has the best behaved kiddos.  It sure goes to show how great parenting can produce some great kids.
Here's a quick sneak peek of this very photogenic family of 12.  More to come!!


Anyone that knows my boy knows his great love for the trumpet.  It's crazy how perfect music, this instrument and all the hard work of band suits him.  It's fun to see someone find their passion and get to work together with friends toward a common goal.  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Visitors in our neck of the woods

So today I'm stuck at home while my girly recovers from a surgery.   And what does a photographer due with some extra time on her hands.... she spends it on the floor snapping pics of the little guys that constantly visit the hummingbird feeders we have here in our yard.  Can you believe these cuties are readying themselves for their trip to South America?!?!?  This has been a really experiment with feeding the birds.  We've never used a hummingbird feeder before and we've had so much success this year I bought another one to add to the yard.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Brakeman Photo Date

About once a year (at least) I get each of my kids one-on-one for some sort of mini photo shoot.  Today was my date with my middle girly.  If you've ever been on a shoot with me, you know that I love the hanging out part.... and getting to hang out with my own kiddo is extra special.  We topped it off with a treat at our new favorite place, Brakeman's Coffee and Supply.  

Friday, July 14, 2017

... and then there were five!

I have so enjoyed getting to know this growing family and yes, they are growing again... expecting another little bundle this September.  I'm blessed to say that I knew this family when:  when these kiddos were teeny babies seeing them just days after they were each brought into the world.  It's fun to look back at those images and see the sweet little toddlers they are today.
To see more of our session together check out their slideshow at:

Monday, July 10, 2017

Auburn bound

This morning I met up with this sweet mama and her two boys as we celebrated her oldest and his graduation.  I always encourage families to choose meaningful spots so we hung out for a bit at their local lake.  It was fun getting to know this bunch and hear their stories of basketball, life in the South, ambitions of architecture and the adventure that will lie ahead at Auburn.  All the best, young man, as you continue your educational journey!
To see the more of our time together please check out their slideshow at:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

This kid loves being outside!

What a joy it was to get to spend an evening with this lovely young family.  I so enjoyed visiting with this sweet couple, hearing their birth story and how our paths in life had some amazing similarities.  What a small world it really is.
 All children are an amazing blessing and this family also knows that that their child is a miracle.  And yes, what a miracle this little guy is!  Our session started at home and we ventured into the out-of-doors where this little wonder is at his best.  It turns out he's an outside kind of kid.  It's it interesting that at even just a few weeks old even he knows that he likes it outside!
Enjoy the images of this little cutie below.  To see his full session click on this link to see his slideshow:

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