Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ava Ray

What a joy it has been to see this young family grow.  When I first met them they had just one sweet little boy.  Now several years later that same boy has a younger brother and sister!  It was a fun, pre-Christmas day when we got together to take the newborn photos of Ava Ray.  What an absolute cutie she is!  And while I did capture a few of her crying (I included just a couple because they’re so adorable), she truly was an amazingly calm baby to photograph.  I’m guessing this is due to the fact that she’s the 3rd.  I think the 3rd child is destined to be one to roll with the punches and go along with the program of a busy house.  I know my 3rd child does too.  Well….. enjoy these sweet pictures of little baby Ava Ray.  To see the rest of our shoot please check out their slideshow at:

I don't usually post pictures of crying babies.... I mean, who wants to see a child unhappy.  But crying aside, would you please take a look at this big brother comforting his baby?  Could this be any more adorable.  His caring gaze and loving touch is just too much for words.

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