Saturday, May 14, 2011

A morning at Disneyland

What a joy to get to spend a morning at Disneyland with this very fun family.  We wandered the park looking for neat spots to shoot.  I love it that this family of four included Grandma in on this special occasion. For myself, this was such a different shoot than any other I've ever done.  Crowds add a whole other element to photography.  But the location was just so much fun.  And these kiddos were fabulous.  I could hardly believe how they held up going from spot to spot (I think a few Skittles might have also helped out a bit!).  They were such great sports and were so willing to do whatever we asked of them.  Thanks so much to this family for a really great day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rancho Cucamonga Prom

My friend Maria asked me to take some pictures of her son, his girlfriend and all their friends for their high school prom.  This was a fun adventure, as I haven't even thought about prom or prom pictures since I went to my own prom a million years ago.  It was so fun to see all the girls dressed up in their beautiful gowns and the guys in their classy tuxes.  Even more fun was to see all the moms and dad snapping pictures of their children looking so grown up and fancy.  Maria and I had planned to do a great session at the park, but due to the pretty intense wind on this day we changed plans and met up at one of family's homes.  I think the challenge for the day was keeping the girls hair from getting too blown away in the wind.  Luckily everyone was in such high spirits I don't think even the crazy wind could ruin the day.  I didn't hear how the prom actually went, but knowing how excited they all were I'm sure the night was magical for all!

This very cute little girly was dressed in her own fancy dress-up dress.  While she was watching her big sister get ready for her big day, I can't help but think she is probably already dreaming of what her own prom may be like someday.
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