Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Emma 2023

The forecast for our photo session was a complete wash out AND YET the rain completely disappeared so that this miracle-of-a photo shoot could still go on. This adorable, yet very busy and industrious high school senior was going to be tough to reschedule so we were thankful as ever that we were able to get her shoot done. As we walked the city park and streets it was fun to hear about her plans for an exciting future full of travel and exploring many nations.  Time will tell what direction she will take. One thing is certain, this adventurous girly will go far for sure.

To see more of this sweet session please check out this link:  https://youtu.be/wk4oiZBuJrE

Friday, April 28, 2023

Brandon's graduation

On this very rainy week, I was blessed to get a sunny session with this soon-to-be high school grad.  I always love chatting with seniorsand hearing about their plans for the future.  This session was fun in that this student has great aspirations about going into kinesiology or perhaps becoming an entrepreneur and owning his own gym.  He's a dedicated runner so this all makes such sense.  This spot was special also as this is one of the parks where he competes as a runner.  It's so fun when sessions come full circle and have a sentimental connection with location.  I love that.  Here are some moments from our session together.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Speight Family 2022

Oh my, I can hardly believe it's already been a year since I photographed this little guy... truly not so little anymore.  Although I do love those sweet little perfect baby teeth.  How much longer do you think those beauties will be with us before the big grown up teeth make their way?  Big kids are fun too. I love how mine have grown up, but still.... working with this sweet little guy brings back so many fun memories of times at the park with my kiddos.  During our session we had some fun at the park too.  Such special times playing.  Thanks for a great day!

To see more of our time together, please check out their slideshow at https://youtu.be/YEqHWRgkqd8

Monday, August 15, 2022


So, we were a teeny bit early and a little bit late as well with this photo session. Part one was a year ago at the beach and part 2 was just a few days ago. Sometimes that just how photo sessions go, but at least we were able to capture this sweet fleeting time in the life of a high school senior. This lovely girl is my niece and I'm so proud of all she's accomplished. I've enjoyed hearing about her plans for her future career in writing. I love that she is confident enough to get up in front of an audience and sing a solo. This one even has the talent to sew her own clothes including her prom dress!!! Mags we are all cheering you on and wishing you the best on your next adventure.  Love you!

To see more of my session with this sweet girl, check out her slideshow at https://youtu.be/TiwN-mdPxv8

Thursday, June 23, 2022


This sweet mom to this entire crew is one of my dearest friends. I feel like I know this family from all her descriptions of fun parties and gatherings throughout the year. This I know: They have a blast when they are together. They can put together a charcuterie board like no other. They love Buffalo, especially football. They love each other fiercely.  They love Jesus.

I was blessed to spend this morning with this lovely bunch getting to to see them have fun and interact. And the smiles on those kiddos.... they are the cutest!  Below are a few of my favorites from the day.

To see more our session together, please check out their slideshow at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdyWhot9JIU

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


On what felt like the warmest day of the year, I met up with this sweet mama and her new little one to capture some really pretty cute images of this sweetie pie. It was fun getting to hear her birth story and remembering my own. Getting to photograph someone's newborn and getting an opportunity to get a up close and personal glimpse into the life of a new mom is such a gift. I love how new moms gush over their adorable little ones and again I recall all those same feelings myself with my own precious newborn.  

To see more of our session together please check out her slideshow at: https://youtu.be/3ZUbW4y9uCM

Monday, May 16, 2022

Legvold Family

I'm pretty sure I might have mentioned this a time or two, but I love photographing families. I love the pre-session chat where we discuss the client's hope for the session. I love how we decide where we will go. I also love the day of.... getting to meet the whole group and see their bunch in action.  This group did not disappoint. I've known this mama for quite a few years now and it was my joy to get to see her sweet crew all together. We had decided this would be a partial family session combined with a senior session for her oldest. I was thrilled to be able to capture his great love for this mighty big and special truck. I hope these images are some he's able to show his own kiddos years from now and recall all the fun times from his high school years.  

And while I really love photographing people, my absolute favorite part is the slideshow.  Here's their slideshow and more images from our time together:  https://youtu.be/jK4gMkhF7ZU

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